Eco Efforts

Protecting Our Environment

Ocean reef.

Mote Marine Partnership

Our partnership with Mote Marine continues to develop with efforts to help restore our reef. Future projects include a site directly off our shore in Newfound Harbor. A tract of coral will be cultivated for growth and continually be transplanted to help area reefs. Guests will have the opportunity to interact with the scientists and even sponsor coral from the site install to transplant!

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Paradise with a Purpose

Our beautiful island is surrounded by azure ocean and located very near the stunning Looe Key Reef. Within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Looe Key Reef is a wildlife refuge, and part of the third largest living coral reef in the world. Little Palm Island has long supported and partnered with MOTE Marine Labs in their valiant reef restoration efforts. MOTE’s employees and scientists work diligently to discover new ways to grow and transplant coral. They have championed scientific breakthroughs, resulting in faster and more effective reef restoration. Our guests are passionate about the environment and enjoy many activities out on the water, specifically around the reef. For that reason, we have curated a package that includes snorkeling the reef and exploring the beauty of the ocean. Most importantly, a donation will be made to MOTE Marine Labs in the amount of $500 for every Paradise with a Purpose package sold. We hope you will join us soon for a true luxury escape, and all the while positively affecting reef restoration in the Keys.

Daily Waterfront Breakfast for Two

One day of Snorkeling Looe Key Reef for Two

Two hats celebrating our efforts together

One time donation to MOTE Marine Labs of $500

Seaweed wrap at the spa

Our Spa

SpaTerre prides itself in using all organic products from around the world.

Backpack sitting near the sea grass.

Restoration of Sea Grasses

Following the devastation of Hurricane Irma, our goal was to restore the natural coastline of the island. Appropriate sea grasses were planted on our beach as a result, and underwater buoys were installed to protect the seagrass in the surrounding waters.

Cocktails On The Beach.

A Strawless Escape

In an effort to reduce sea debris and protect the natural habitat for many varieties of sea turtles, birds and native wildlife, plastic straws are not used on our island. Biodegradable straws are available on request.

Conch Republic Marine Army Boat.

Conch Republic Marine Army

Our support for The Conch Republic Marine Army (CRMA) began in 2017, following a devastating blow to the Florida Keys from Hurricane Irma. The CRMA is dedicated to cleaning and restoring the mangrove habitats in our island chain. Through monetary donations, use of our Little Torch Key dockage, and help from our staff, CRMA’s volunteers have been able to recover 422,734 pounds of debris! The crystal clear waters of the Florida Keys are a testament to their dedication and hard work.

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Dock by the ocean in the evening.

Lighting and HVAC

While rebuilding the property following hurricane Irma, high efficiency HVAC systems were installed in all our island structures. Our gorgeous landscape lighting as well as interior lights were also upgraded at LED products.

Couple Walking On A Pathway.

Eco-Landscaping / Filtration Plant

A lush tropical landscape plays an important part in creating a secluded island paradise for our guests to enjoy. While much of our verdant flora and fauna are designed to flourish in the tropics, additional irrigation and landscaping eco-efforts are also implemented. Through the utilization of an advanced SBR filtration system, greywater is filtered through a series of tanks and processes, transforming it into clean water suitable for our subterranean irrigation. The results allow Little Palm Island to save several hundred thousand gallons of water per year, reducing our impact on the delicate environment.

Greenery and a water feature.

Capital One Sustainable Travel Partner

Together with Capital One Travel, we are honored to support their initiative to protect the future and plant two trees for every flight, hotel and rental package booked through their travel program.