Eco Efforts

Protecting Our Environment

Ocean reef.

Mote Marine Partnership

Our partnership with Mote Marine continues to develop with efforts to help restore our reef. Future projects include a site directly off our shore in Newfound Harbor. A tract of coral will be cultivated for growth and continually be transplanted to help area reefs. Guests will have the opportunity to interact with the scientists and even sponsor coral from the site install to transplant!

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Vero Water.

Vero Water

Served by the world’s leading Chefs and enjoyed by over 75 million guests a year in 14 countries, exceptionally great tasting Vero Water is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bottled water. Serving luxury Vero Still and Sparkling water to our guests in-room, enables us to protect the pristine environment of Little Palm Island Resort & Spa by eliminating single use plastic and glass water bottle waste, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Seaweed wrap at the spa

Our Spa

SpaTerre prides itself in using all organic products from around the world.

Backpack sitting near the sea grass.

Restoration of Sea Grasses

Following the devastation of Hurricane Irma, our goal was to restore the natural coastline of the island. Appropriate sea grasses were planted on our beach as a result, and underwater buoys were installed to protect the seagrass in the surrounding waters.

Coco Mango bath products.

Bath Amenities

We no longer utilize tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Our suites are appointed with our signature Coco Mango bath & body essentials in large multi-use pump bottles.

A kiwi cocktail.

A Strawless Escape

Plastic straws are not used on our island. Paper straws are available on request and metal straws with the resort logo are available for sale in the island boutique.

The mangroves.

Conch Republic Marine Army

We donate to the Conch Republic Marine Army, to help in their efforts to clean and restore the marine habitats of the Florida Keys.  The mangrove forests that protect our reefs still have many items that need to be retrieved.  This noble group of local volunteers use their time to do just that.

Visit Conch Republic Marine Army Website

Dock by the ocean in the evening.

Lighting and HVAC

While rebuilding the property following hurricane Irma, high efficiency HVAC systems were installed in all our island structures. Our gorgeous landscape lighting as well as interior lights were also upgraded at LED products.