Romantic Turndown

Let our private island concierge tend to your requests in secret at our romantic getaway in the Florida Keys.

Simple, remarkable, romantic. Take all of your romantic getaways to the Florida Keys and ignite the romance, or drop to one knee for a proposal like one she read about in a fairy tale.

Richly Romantic

When you’re ready to retire, the bungalow awaits with the soft glow of candle light. A richly romantic scene, set deliciously with a chilled bottle of Laurent Perrier, Demi Sec, accompanied by six perfect strawberries, covered sweetly in milk or dark chocolate. The desire doesn’t end there. A decadent, hot, drawn bath for two awaits, infused and perfumed with bath salts and rose petals. A hand-picked massage oil is on hand for before and/or after fun. Tomorrow can wait. 

$295 (subject to 7.5% tax and 20% service) 
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Another Perfect Night

To the rhythm of the tree frogs under the glow of the stars, stroll the grounds ending at the threshold of your private bungalow. There, you’re greeted by a sea of scented rose petals, as delicate as your love for each other. The warm glow of flickering candles subtly lights the room, where succulent fresh strawberries and whipped cream await. Sensual body oils and the promise of another perfect night are ready when you are. It’s a night like this that dreams are made of. 

$165 (subject to 7.5% tax and 20% service)
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Forever Starts Now

Falling in love over and over again is easy at Little Palm Island. Your bungalow beckons, dressed sweetly in candles lighting twelve perfect roses arranged by hand. A chilled bottle Laurent Perrier, Cuvee Rose Champagne, and two custom etched Little Palm Island champagne glasses are at the ready, waiting to toast your life together. Enjoy on your moonscaped terrace or indulge intimately on your four-poster bed, made with satin sheets that have been hand sprinkled with rose petals. And to think, you’ve only just begun. 

$475 (subject to 7.5% tax and 20% service)
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Petals for Passion

Cap off the night with a rose petaled journey from your front porch to your island bedroom. Follow the petals for passion. You’re greeted at the door, with a dozen hand-selected roses, arranged just for you. The scent is intoxicating; the mood is seductive. Follow the petals to find a chilled bottle Laurent Perrier “Millesime” Champagne. The decadence doesn’t end there. Exquisite chocolate truffles top-off the perfect evening on the perfect getaway. 

$390 (subject to 7.5% tax and 20% service)
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Just Say Yes

The scene is set. Tiki torches and dulcet candles light the way for romance with fragrant rose petals strewn sweetly under a palm-frond canopy. You will enjoy an intimate and irresistible dinner for two, where romance is the main course, at either Palapa Point or Harbor Point Beach*. While you’re enjoying your partner, and your remarkable dinner, our team of cupids will transform your Island Bungalow into a den of delight. Generously appointed with dimly lit candles and rose petals, the suite takes on an ultra-romantic vibe. Hand-selected roses, arranged just for the evening, match perfectly with the chilled bottle Laurent Perrier “Grand Siecle” Champagne that awaits. No matter what the question, you won’t have to wait long for the answer! 

$910 (*dinner menu is a la carte and not included, subject to 7.5% tax and 20% service) 
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Only The Best Will Do

When only the best will do, Little Palm Island does not disappoint. Since tonight is one of those nights, after dinner, you’ll find a wild and wondrous moonlit world awaiting you. The tender blaze of the tiki torch illuminates your porch and tenderly lights the path of hand-strewn rose petals leading up the stairway. Once you’re over the threshold, 24 roses welcome your journey inside with the subtle glow of candlelight to greet you. The mood is sultry, complemented by the chilled bottle of Cristal, Brut Champagne and decadent chocolate truffles, waiting bedside. A selection of massage oils, and bath salts stand by for more indulging. Make the most of your time together. Only the best will do. 

$1,200 (subject to 7.5% tax and 20% service)
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You Make Me Melt

Dinner is complete, but your evening is far from over. When you return to your island home, you will find softly lit candles throughout. An irresistible dark chocolate fondue is adorned with fresh fruits and seasonable berries and accompanied by a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon. Enjoy the end of a perfect day – and each other. 

$495 (subject to 7.5% tax and 20% service)
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