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A Moment of Zen at Little Palm Island. Eat. Pray. Little Palm Island.

Little Torch Key, Fl (July 12, 2010) -- With the excitement surrounding the big-screen adaptation of the beloved best-seller "Eat Pray Love", debuting August 13, 2010, at a fevered pitch; the legendary Little Palm Island Resort & Spa wants travelers to "go someplace where (they) can marvel at something." Set on 5.5 acres of island oasis, dotted with over 200 Jamaican palm trees, Little Palm Island Resort announces a five-night Eat Pray Little Palm Island getaway sure explore the arts of pleasure and devotion, without requiring a passport.

This five-night getaway offers accommodations in a thatched-roof bungalow suite, breakfast and dinner each day, daily yoga and guided meditation in a choice of indoor and outdoor locations; dinner and instruction at the private Chef's Table with personalized attention from the award-winning Chef Luis Pous. Personalized meditation mantras and yoga postures, stretches, and breathing exercises will be prescribed by our experienced interdisciplinary instructors, opening energy channels and restoring a sense of well-being.

The Chef's Table is an elegant enclave positioned discreetly in the award-winning kitchen of the Dining Room at Little Palm Island. Chef Luis Pous and his Sous Chef attends personally to the couple, preparing and presenting a five-course tasting menu paired can be paired with the chef's selection of wine.. The chef serves the meal and offers instruction/education about the items served, amidst lots of action in the kitchen.

Eat Pray Little Palm Island is priced starting at $7500, double occupancy, now until December 20, 2010. Promotional code is "eatpray" for booking at www.littlepalmisland.com.

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa has been described as a place "where the sea dazzles in the late-afternoon sun, and the passing clouds imprint shadows on the sand as schools of fish commune in the sea, a place so remote that you can only reach it by sea-plane or boat." Discovered over two decades ago, Little Palm Island has been the escape of choice for presidents, high profile celebrities and savvy travelers alike. The magic of this island is its exclusive location where a captivating view exists in every direction and Snowy Egrets are your only competition for a prime beach spot. Crushed seashell paths wind through this 5 ½ acre paradise connecting our extra spacious 30 oceanfront suites. All Bungalow Suite, Premium Bungalow Suite and Island Grand Suite guest quarters are housed in thatched roof bungalows, with custom-made beds with romantic mosquito netting, so plush some guests never want to leave; outdoor showers and all the requisite luxe amenities. There are no telephones or televisions, or guests under the age of 16 - the only distractions are the outdoors and each other. www.littlepalmisland.com or 800-3-GET-LOST for reservations.

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